Frequently Asked Questions
What ages does Albany Hills Outside School Hours Care cater for?
We cater for children between 5 – 12 years of age including high school children upon application.

What are the operating hours?
Find out all about our operating hours on our Programs & Fees page

How do I enrol?
You can fill out the enrolment forms online, then submit them via email, or print them out and drop them into the OSCH building at Albany Hills State School.

Is there are waiting list?
If there are no vacancies, you may want to join our waiting list. You’ll be contacted if a place becomes available.

How much does it cost to send my child to Albany Hills State School OSHC?
Daily fees can be viewed on our Programs & Fees page. You may also be eligible for government subsidies that will make a difference to your fees.

What government rebates and benefits are available to families?
There are two main subsidies offered by the Australian Government for which you may be eligible. These are the Child Care Rebate (CCR) and the Child Care Benefit (CCB). Just speak to The Department of Human Services (Centrelink) to find out if you are eligible for either of these subsidies and to what amount.

What is the Child Care Benefit (CCB)?
The CCB is a payment provided by the Australian Government that covers 24-50 hours of childcare per week. Eligible parents or guardians must:

  • Meet Australian residency requirements
  • Be enrolled/enrolling in an approved centre
  • Meet child immunisation conditions.

The amount of CCB you receive varies depending on your income, type of care, amount of care, number of children in care, and whether or not you pass the work, training and study test. This last test is about whether you (or your partner) use childcare due to a work or study commitment. If you do, you could be eligible for higher CCB payments. Find out more about the CCB.

What is the Child Care Rebate (CCR)?
The CCR is an assistance program designed to help working families with the cost of childcare. The rebate covers 50 per cent of out-of-pocket expenses not covered by the CCB (up to $7,500 per year per child). In other words, it will help to bridge the gap between your total weekly fees and the amount CCB covers. You can choose to have the rebate paid directly to the service. Or you can choose to have the rebate paid as a lump sum quarterly into your bank account. If you have a child in an approved centre (such as Albany Hills State School Outside School Hours Care), are eligible for the CCB, and have passed the work, training, and study test, you’ll be eligible for the Child Care Rebate. There is no means test for the rebate. Find out more about the CCR.


Will my child/ren have time to do homework?
The Service will provide adequate time, quiet space and supervision by educators to enable children to do their homework if they wish. Whilst we support the children in homework, we do not take responsibility for the completion or signing off of compleated work.

What happens if my scheduled day falls on a public holiday?
We closed for public holidays.

Do I still need to pay for a scheduled day if my child is sick?
Please notify the Coordinator promptly if you child/ren will not be attending on a particular day. Fees will not be charged if:

  • Notice is given by 6pm previous afternoon for following day morning care.
  • Notice is given by 9am same day for afternoon care.
  • If a child is away due to sickness and a doctors certificate is supplied that covers absent dates.

What is your cancellation policy?
All cancellations must be received in writing by the bookings and cancellation book at our service or via email.

What do I need to pack in my child’s bag?
Consider packing:

  • A sunsafe hat which covers your child’s face, neck and ears.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Water bottle.
  • Any medications – please give these to centre staff to manage directly with a completed medication plan.
  • Lunch for Vacation Care & pupil free days.
  • Food if child has allergies or dietary requirements.

Do I need to pack a lunch for Vacation Care & Pupil free days?
Yes, please pack lunch, we will provide morning and afternoon tea. Some days lunch is provided & will be noted on program.

Do I need to pack sunscreen?
No. However, if your child has sensitive skin, please feel free to pack your own preferred brand. All children are required to wear sunscreen outdoors.

What else should I pack in my child’s bag?
It’s always a good idea to keep a couple of plastic bags handy in case you need to bring home some wet or messy clothes. And above all, make sure everything you pack is clearly labelled!

What support is available for children with additional needs?
Please speak with the Centre Coordinator about how we can work together to manage your child’s specific needs.