Is there are waiting list?
We currently have vacancy for every session!

What assistance is there for Prep children?

We escort the Prep children to class for before care & escort them from class to the Service for after care. Children in Prep & Grade 1 are always escorted by staff or students when moving between areas.

How do I cancel bookings?
All cancellations must be received in writing by the bookings and cancellation book at our service or via email.

How do I make bookings?

All bookings must be received in writing by the bookings and cancellation book at our service or via email.

Is any food or snacks provided?

At before care we serve breakfast until 7:45 AM. At after care we serve afternoon tea until 3:30 PM. Vacation care we serve both breakfast & afternoon tea at both these times. Lunch is not provided unless stated otherwise.

What is the Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?
Most families are eligible for assistance with their childcare fees. You can apply for Child Care Subsidy through Centrelink by phone 136150 or the Department of Human Services on

It is the family’s responsibility to complete a Child Care Subsidy assessment and link their child/ren to the service to receive any eligible subsidies. All subsidies are paid to the service to decrease the fees charged. Full fees will be charged until such a time that we are advised of your eligibility. In some cases Child Care Subsidy may be backdated, in which case you account will be adjusted.

Why has my CCS shown up as 'ceased'?

Under the CCS system, enrolments automatically cease after 6 weeks of non-attendance. Once this occurs, families need to log into MyGov and re-confirm their enrolment at the Service.

Will my child/ren have time to do homework?
The Service will provide adequate time, quiet space and supervision by educators to enable children to do their homework if they wish. Whilst we support the children in homework, we do not take responsibility for the completion or signing off of completed work.

How much time do I have to cancel my booking?
Please notify Management promptly if your child/ren will not be attending on a particular day.

If you forget to cancel, your child/ren will be marked as absent, and you may be contacted regarding their absence. For after school care, a Non-notification Fee (NFF) will be charged to each family that does not notify us that their child/ren will not be attending OSHC. The NNF will be $5.00 per family and will not incur any eligible rebates.

Fees will not be charged if:

  • Notice is given by 6pm previous afternoon for following day morning care.

  • Notice is given by 9am same day for afternoon care.

  • Notice is given 7 days prior for vacation care.

  • If a child is away due to sickness and a doctors certificate is supplied that covers absent dates.

What support is available for children with additional needs?
We've been very successful at obtaining Government based grants to support children with additional needs. Please speak with Management about how we can work together to manage your child’s specific needs.

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