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Your Child Is in Great Hands



At Albany Hills OSHC we acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we operate. We recognise their continued connection and relationship to this land and respect their rich cultural history of language, song, dance, and storytelling. We pay our respect to elders past and present.

Albany Hills Outside School Hours Care Service believes all children have the right to develop to their full potential. Guided by the Framework for School Age Care (My Time, Our Place), experiences and opportunities to learn through play are incorporated into the curriculum that recognise the uniqueness, diverse abilities, and cultural heritage of each child. Where possible, activities and procedures are in place that promote sustainability, enabling children to learn how these strategies offset the impact on the environment. Children are encouraged to play a role in contributing to the service program. These contributions and reflections are recorded and incorporated into the opportunities and experiences offered at the service.

Educators collaborate with children in a safe and supportive environment that inspires children to seek out new challenges and experiences. The service offers opportunities to engage in activities that will challenge and develop skills whilst encouraging and supporting children to manage risks. Children are offered opportunities for decision making and leadership as well as individual and group activities. These are designed to encourage a sense of belong, foster positive self-esteem, confidence and build resilience, whilst encouraging independence, autonomy, and the development of social skills.

We believe that inclusive, engaging environments and meaningful interactions, where children are heard and respected, provide the foundation for successful, lifelong learning.

We believe that all children in OSHC have a right to:
•    Feel safe and secure in caring environments that complement their home, school and community life. 
•    Supervision, encouragement, and support from professional educators. 
•    Be heard, respected, valued, and included. 
•    Be included in all activities regardless of ability, age, culture, gender, or religion. 
•    Quality, engaging programs that offer a holistic approach to children’s health, creativity, social and emotional wellbeing, and physical development.  
•    Programs, activities and resources which actively promote the acceptance and inclusion of diverse ages, abilities, interests, family structures and cultural heritage. 
•    Experiences which enhance independence, the development of life skills and build self-esteem and confidence. 
•    Participate in the planning and evaluation of the program.. 

We believe that all families with children in OSHC have a right to:
•    Feel welcomed, be heard, respected, valued and included.
•    Feel confident that their children are safe, supervised, happy and involved. 
•    Open and respectful interactions with staff and management. 
•    Comprehensive and transparent information about the service, their child/ren, staff and the program.
•    Be respected as each child’s primary care giver and respected for the role they play in the upbringing, protection, and development of their child/ren. Albany Hills OSHC will offer support and respect to all parents.
•    Consideration, support, and respect for individual family circumstances and needs.
•    Timely and equitable responses to issues, concerns, and complaints. 
•    Quality service that actively promotes and celebrates the acceptance and inclusion of diverse abilities, culture, structures, and traditions. 
•    A collaborative partnership between educators and families when addressing the diverse needs and individual requirements all children.
•    Participate in the planning a
nd evaluation of the programs. 

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