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Electronic forms, making enrolling easy


  • How long does it take to enrol?
    We require 2 - 3 business days to process new enrolment forms before bokings can be accepted.
  • Do I need to re-enrol every year?
    Yes, families are required to compelte the new enrolment form each year for each child.
  • Is food provided?
    Breakfast is avaiable from 6:30 AM - 7:45 AM consisting of toast, cereals, fresh food and special treats. Afternoon tea is available from 3:00 PM - 3:15 PM consisting of a varitery of sandwhiches, fresh fruit, and special treats.
  • What if my child has dietary requirements?
    Families are required to indicatre any dietary requirements in the enrolment process. We do not supply dietary alternatives other than lactose-free milk, and ask families to bring in food for their child.
  • Will my Prep child be picked up/dropped off to and from class?
    Prep children WILL be escorted to to and from class all year. Year 1 children will engage in a tranistion process for the first 2 weeks of the near year during Term 1 where they will be escorted by staff. All other grades make their own way to and from OSHC by themselves.
  • What if my child has medical requirements or requires medication?
    Families are required to infoirm the service of any medical requirement and complete the appropriate risk assessment form during the enrolment process. A medical action plan is required to be stored along with any required medication such as an inhaler, or epipen. Families are to complete a medication authoirty form available at the office if their child requires medication.
  • What type of bookings are there?
    Casual Bookings: No reserved spots, book as required. Permanent Bookings: Reserve a spot for your child each week / fortnight. *can be weekly or fortnightly.
  • How do I make bookings?
    Bookings can only be accepted in writing via email or through the Bookings & Cancellations book at the sign-in desk.
  • How do I cancel care?
    Cancellations are only accepted in writing via email or the Bookings and Cancellations book at the sign-in desk. Late cancellations will be marked as absent and charged. Cancellation Policy Schedule: Before School Care: before 6:00pm the previous day After School Care: before 9:00am the same day Vacation Care: 7 days prior
  • What if I forget to cancel?
    Families are charged a Non-Notification Fee for failing to notify the Service they do not require care. The Non-Notification Fee = $5.00
  • What if my child doesn't show up for After School Care?
    If a child does not present to After School Care within 15 minutes, the service will contact the parent to ascertain the parents safetly. The School will do a call out over the radio system, and educators will look for the child. If unable to reach, emergency services will be contacted.
  • What if I am late to collect my child?
    A late collection fee of $20.00 per family/per 15 minutes or any there after 6:00 PM.
  • How do I pay?
    Families receive a statement/invoice at the beginning of the new week for the week previous. Fees are to be paid the Friday of receiving the statement.
  • Do I pay for a session if my child is sick?
    If you provide medical certificate, we can waive the absence and fee. If not, an absence will be submitted and charged. Families are allowed 42 absence days per child, per financial year. Thee 42 allowable absences can be taken for any reason.
  • What is the Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?
    The CCS is a payment designed by the Australian Government to assist families with the cost of child care. CCS is an arrangement between families and the Government but is paid directly to the Service. The Service will then reduce your fees - you just pay the difference between the amount the service charges and the subsidy. Families will need to make a CCS claim prior to each child beginning care.
  • What if my child is injured or has an incident at OSHC?
    For incidents, an Illness, Injury, and Trauma Report will be completed and will require signing. The Service requires all educators to be qualified in First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training. All head injuries will result in the Service immediately calling families to notify of the incident.
  • Can my child attend OSHC and partake in Extra-Curricular activities?
    Yes, all families require to do is fill out an extra-curricular form and educators will escort children to and from OSHC.
  • Can my child have a mobile phone at OSHC?
    Children are permitted to carry a mobile phone device however are required to place it in the office while in care at the Service.
  • Who is the Approved Provider for OSHC?
    Albany Hills State School OSHC is managed by the Albany Hills State School Parents and Citizens Association. The President of the P&C is the Approved Provider.
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